Rebranding and repositioning of MENY in Denmark.


MENY has been perceived by the Danish consumers as a luxury supermarket that offers the nicer things for special occasions. This perception has unfortunately narrowed down MENY’s customer base to the upper class and people shopping for special occasions, thereby excluding one of the biggest target markets: families with children. Ordinary people with an ordinary income.


MENY does offer cheap products, but previous communication has focused too much on establishing MENY as Denmark’s new, luxury supermarket with the finest commodities and top-notch service.


Rebranding MENY as a diverse supermarket that caters to everyone’s needs. Stressing that MENY does have the nicer things for special occasions, but MENY does also have the cheaper alternatives and everyday products at affordable prices. Through creative campaigns and clear-cut communication, MENY is establishing itself as a supermarket for everybody at all types of occasions.


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