Kvalitet betaler sig


Strengthen the brand of XL-BYG, as the most quality-oriented hardware store in Denmark.


For years, XL-BYG has reminded us to ”do it right”. In regard to a more mature audience, that is a very powerful narrative. When someone starts to “do-it-yourself”, as a newly made homeowner, there is a tendency to think that a lot of short cuts and quick fixes exist. However, the more experience you gain the more you realize that the short cuts turn into detours…


Together with XL-BYG, Anew and Envision have empowered this narrative with a new platform where the core is the belief in the fact that quality pays off. This is where XL-BYG feels the greatest connection to its customers – the private as well as the professionals. The empowerment of this narrative is also a protest against the throwaway culture, because quality pays off for you, your projects and the planet.


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